My friend and I were wondering how to do the Bom Chucka Chcka Wow Wow sound. You know the sound, I don't really know how to describe it any better than what I just did. I have a wah pedal and am not sure as to how yo would be able to do it. So if anyone knows do you think that you can tell me so that I will be able to do it.
strum muted strings while rocking the wah, ala Voodoo Child intro....

thats the 'Chucka' part of it anyways..
Bom is a chord
the chucks are rhythm strokes
the wow wow is two different notes. with each note you move the pedal from low to high(forward). The second note is a step down from the first (two frets)

Youll have to experiment with the chord note relationship cause i dont wanna figure it out right now
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Do you mean the porn track sound?

It's funny reading that and then seeing your avatar
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It's funny reading that and then seeing your avatar

I was thinking the exact same thing
You have the wah, you have the power. Just watch some prono movies for licks in different keys.
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