Hey crew,

I have to prepare a short, condensed speech of about 5 minutes and I've chosen a very wide category - "music" is basically my thing so it can be just about anything. I just need to get the audience interested, talk about the thing and draw a conclusion. I've tried "The life and musical career of Mick Jagger" the last time but that went over the time limit and half the audience didn't seem to care about him or the Stones.

So I'm open for suggestions here guys.
Try the evolution of dance.
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I did one of these last year.

I decided to do a persuasive speech.

I persuaded the class to vote for me as prime minister, and said that I'd change the national anthem to the pokemon theme tune, get rid of floppy fanged alabagos and do some other rather crap...

Muchos Loles was ensued.
A*s were gotten.
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
the history of the guitar, maybe

Just pick a really narrow topic.
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MEGADETHHHHH!!! or just do Dave Mustaine specifically.

or go with the guy that said Tony Iommi.... hehhe.. YES!!
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"Musicians who died in interesting circumstances"

Something along those lines just not about death would be terrific
I did one of these on Rick Allen (Def Leppard drummer, he has one arm for those of you who are unaware) and I got an A for my pretty picture of his car crash that I did on paint.

Oblivion for PM!! *chants* Four more years! Four more years!

EDIT: Do it about how you once beat the owner of a sweet shop and his son to death with their own shoes... That story never gets old.
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one dream of mine is to play baroque and roll.

i dont quite know what it is, but i assume it involves plenty of harpsichord solos and medieval chanting.

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yes, spinal tap drummers - bizzarre gardening accident/choked on someone elses vomit/spontaneously combust