Yeah...I bought a Crate V-50 in October.

The tone isn't bad, especially for what I paid. The reason why I am looking for a new amp is because, when I bought the Crate I just wanted to get a new amp that I could use for jamming and shows. The Crate was able to do that, but this is the 2nd amp that has broken on me....Also, the EQ isn't very responsive at all.

My budget is about 800-1000$ CAD$ (1 CAD$ = like .82 USD$)

I use a Fender Mustang, Squier Jagmaster, and I like my double & big muffs alot.

I play Punk (most subgenres of it), Hardcore (black flag style..), Ska/Skacore/Ska-Punk, Blues Rock, and Alt Rock/Grunge.

I play little/no metal at all.

I want this amp to be reliable (no bugera, or low end amps)

I really like the tube sound, so I guess I'm leaning towards another tube amp, preferably with an EQ that is responsive.

I need it to have REALLY GOOD cleans...The cleans are more important than the drive channel to me.

Hmm...Also an amp that's tubes that are EASY to access...The crates tubes are in a stupid ****ing place.

I still gotta save up for about a month-month and a half, but just throw me some suggestions, so I can take my time to look into/try out certain amps. (with my work schedule it's hard for me to even go down to the music store once a week)
well an ac30 would be pretty good for most of that, idk about the black flag music though...the only thing is that the tubes are in an identical place as the crate, lol, I think.
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oh sorry...maybe a used one?
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
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hmmm...well is it really bassy?

cause i try and keep as little bass possible, without making my tone sound empty

It is naturally bassy but you can roll the bass off and it won't be empty at all. I would also look at the Traynor YGL-3.
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I don't have the money yet, the BIN is almost 1,100...not including shipping & border fees.
some amps I've been looking into

Traynor YCV-40
Peavey classic 30...or 50
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe...Maybe a deville if I can find a nice used one.

i have to intervene, the fender hot rod series are def. not reliable. mine has been sent in on repairs more times than i care to say.
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Chea_man is the best.
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Sorry to hear about your Crates mate. Was that 2 Crates back to back or were you just saying it was your second bad amp period?

What kind of music do you play because I might be inclined to say Classic 30.

It's the second time the V-50 has broke.

My main band is hardcore/punk/grunge

and I have a side project that has some punk, grunge, pop-punk, ska, reggae, blues rock, and heavy rock twists to it...hard to explain our songs really...

I was really thinking about a classic 30, but from what i've heard Traynors are amazing, plus they're probably cheaper here. (canada)
Hmm...so I called up a local shop, they have a Traynor YCV-40 for like 400$ (taxes included...used)
I'm guessing I could get an extra 100-150$ taken off of the price when I trade in my amp (most stores in MTL sell the V-50 for 399 + 13% tax)

so all in all I could possibly get a YCV-40 for like 400$... They also have a Peavey delta blues (the model with 2 speakers) for sale...and I didn't ask about any Fender Hot Rods...but for the most part most of their guitars/accessories are fender, so I'm sure they have atleast 1 for sale.
Yeah the Traynor makes sense since they are built in Canada.

It wouldn't hurt to try that Peavey Delta Blues and the C30 is a great fall back staple.

I'm not super familiar with all the Traynor models but that looks like a good deal to me. They are somewhat pricy here and I don't see them often.
definitely the traynor

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I loved the Peavey Classic 30...

Also, the Crates tube locations are not difficult to find if you read the manual...

(The chasis for the tubes pop out when you unscrew something... there's also a video on youtube showing you how easy it is because many people don't know how to research or read manuals.)
I dissassembled took it out checked it and put it all back in less than 10 minutes for my v18...

edit: without reading the manual...
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground