I'm nervous about changing my strings because last time i tried i kinda messed up.
anyway i have a good pack of strings but i bought them .10 and up, so im not sure what to do,also,how do i wind a string around a peg properly?
basically,i need help,and i would really,really appreciate some help...
Usually I leave some slack in mine when Im tightening it and kinda pull it up from the fretboard a bit, make sure that they get wrapped around the pegs properly and that they arent slipping at all as this will cause constant tuning issues. If your using a new string size your floyd may have to be adjusted.
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however, i would advise with it being a floyd that you tune each string a little at a time - if you tune 1 to pitch then it'll just snap under the pressure, and when you tune the others it'll be out neway.

then once you've got it to pitch, if youve gone up a string size then it sounds like the bridge wont be sitting flush with the body - go into the back of the guitar, and turn the screws a little till its closer to where you want it to be (EDIT: the plate that your string saddles sit on should be flat in relation to the body or pretty much flat)- then re tune, then screw more, then tune - takes a while

your action also may be off, but thats easily solved by adjusting the saddles
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i also have some regular super slinkys laying around...would it just be easier ( for now) to use those?