hey everyone,
i have a fender american deluxe strat but i want a new combo practice amp for it. i reallly don't want to spend more than like 175 mainly because the guitar ran me like 900 : ). this amp will be used solely for practicing in my bedroom/dorm room and so headphone jack is a must. it doesn't need to be too loud but if i ever wanted to jam with a drummer a little extra power would be nice. i was looking at the roland microcube, i heard it was a good solid little amp. i shud mention that i mainly play music with little distortion, although i do like jamming out with the distortion some times..... my favorite bands include rhcp, radiohead, foo fighters, incubus, etc.... any suggestions would be helpful, thanks
Microcube is chill, might not have the juice needed for jamming with a drummer. Maybe try the Cube 30, or the Vox AD30.
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Also check out a Vox Da5 for what you are going to be playing. Neither the microcube or da5 are going to hold up with a drummer but both are good cheap dorm amps. The Cube 30 and AD30VT which would work with a drummer are out of range. Maybe start checking used sites if you determine which amp you do want once you play them.
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Microcube is chill, might not have the juice needed for jamming with a drummer. Maybe try the Cube 30, or the Vox AD30.

i have a vox ad30 for sale TS, drop me a PM if you're interested

EDIT: It actually would be your best bet in your situation, and I'm not just trying to get rid of it
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a professional guitar like that deserves a much better amp than 175 dollars will get you. but i guess i will suggest something a little more expensive, a fender champ. or maybe even just a POD and someday buy a great amp.
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yeah i know trust me i wud love to get a great amp....but unfortunately at the moment i dont have the money for it, i figured that i wud spend a lot on a great guitar instead of a great amp...but by next summer hopefully i can go blow like 700, 800 on a great amp : ), until then though i want to get something thats better than the frontman 15g that came with my strat pack back in the day...
I'd see what danyellenick wants for his ad30 tbh.

The vox ad30 is probably your best bet. Go try one out in a store (if they still have them in stock) and then if you like it, look for a used one.
Fender Champ 600 is $200. All tube and it will sound good.
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