The idea for this one is simple, two piece body with no top. Carved. I want the entire thing out of the same type of wood except for the fretboard. So its either gonna be all mahogany or all curly maple. I have some nice 8/4 curly maple that I think I'm gonna glue up today if I have time. What do you think of this?
sounds sexy
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I like mahogany, but for a strat I'm thinking the maple would be nice
pics would help decide
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That is a gorgeous piece of maple!

More pictures are necessary .
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Its wet if you couldn't tell from the picture.. It looks great in person, i couldn't get a picture when it was dry. I'm thinking a blue green tinted lacquer.

Like Ormsby's shark? In my opinion, that is one of the greatest guitar ever made. Only downside, it's a Les Paul shape.

I think you should do a Caribbean burst. My all time favourite finish on maple.

Although, it looks even better on quilted maple.
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that looks pretty neat, that is definitely something to consider.. kinda like the ormsby shark but no burst I think it'd look better all one color because its a solid curly maple guitar. It really doesn't matter what I think though. Whatever is the easiest to sell I'll do..
I'm going to do a Caribbean burst guitar soon...

Blue green like this?

I like that too, not as much, but still nice.
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a little more blue than that and not as dark.. that looks good too though.. what is your caribbean burst guitar gonna be like?
Basically the same as the one I posted above.

Or, quilted maple if I can get it. On a swamp as back. The back will be stained solid blue though. All satin chrome hardware, recessed TOM with fine tuners, locking nut, 24 frets, 2 humbuckers, the neck coil tapped into 2 singles at the push/pull of a poy.... 2 vol, 2 tone, 3 wat switch... Aw yeah.

That is one of my dream builds. I will need to wait until I have a lot of money to get it.
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hey carousel, how much did that maple cost you? trying to figure out if my local place is priced good..
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I really dont remember I got it a long time ago.. what is your local lumber place selling it for.. Id imagine maybe 6 dollars a board foot for this.
welll, i have some good and bad news. Good news is I've got all of my parts in and I'm getting ready to choose my neck wood as we speak. Bad news is I'm about 90% sure I'm gonna be sick within the day which might delay work on the neck. All of my parts have arrived. Gotoh tuners large fretwire, truss rod, abalone dots, and some more nut files because I wanted them. This thing will probably be on sale after it's done unless i sell it locally or something.