I had to take my guitar into the guitar store/shop - anyway after he tightened something up he plugged my guitar into a vox amp ($120) wow, did it make all kinds of different sounds, very cool, as you can tell, i CAN NOT play yet!

anyway, i want to know are there any cheaper amps out there that would do kinda like the one in the store, i couldn't believe my cheapy guitar was making those sounds!

i so gotta practice more!
I hate to say it dude but while $120 is alot of money, in the guitar/amp world, its dirt cheap.

You were probably looking at the vox da5 which is a good practice amp. The majority of amps in this price range though, are total crap.

In other words, save your money.
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thanks, sounds like this can be a costly hobby. but thats ok, im just learning anyway, no matter what i play on, it will sound like crap. but i think i'm going to get that little vox amp come income tax time! that guy was jammin with this crappy squier - (box set - embarrasing, i know) what can i say, im poor

then maybe a better guitar down the road, hopefully by then i will actually be able to play a song or two!
a tiny roland cube may be cheaper??? but yeah 120 is rock bottom
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nothing wrong with your guitar, and when you get your taxes back, go ahead and get that amp. maybe even save up a little more money and you can get an even better amp. have fun in your guitar playing journey my friend.
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