If you were going to spend $500 anyway, in terms of reliability and sound quality, would you opt for separate pedals, or the line 6, and why?
I myself like individual Pedals over big multi-effects, but that's my opinion.
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I'm with DeltaFunk
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I myself like individual Pedals over big multi-effects, but that's my opinion.

That's what I'm thinking, but I'm trying to figure out what exactly the advantage is.
ive got a multi-fx.

id buy singles
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singles man
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singles, more overall control over your sound
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Singles, You can set each pedals to sound how you want exactly instead of going through preset sounds

You can do that on the pod, but it's harder, but then when you save them, it's exactly like you set it, with a click of a button. In terms of this, I just don't like how you can't change stuff easily on the fly on the pod. It's like you need an engineering degree to change some settings on it, which I have, but still.
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That's what I'm thinking, but I'm trying to figure out what exactly the advantage is.

Individual pedals sound better and have better effects and more capabilities. More expensive though.
I'm kicking myself for buying a Multi - FX pedal. But I'm not rich... Bah. Just get single pedals if you can afford them...
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only problem with singles (cause I've got about 6 singles and a wah.)
Is the fact that you can't change sound as quickly as a Multi (If you've set all of the sounds you want to the pedals).

But that's the only thing I could say about the singles.
I love the singles though, as you can just spend some time getting the perfect sound.

But yeah, try and borrow a Multi and Singles off friends if you have any that play guitar with experience?, See which one you prefer then get one or the other

Good luck hunting :]
Not enough info to answer the question. If you need quick changes the POD is the only way to go. And to say single pedals are better isn't right either. I've plugged into a few singles that I don't like as well as my POD. You go out and buy a bunch of cheap pedals and you may not be better off. Not to mention amp and cabinet modeling. Nothing stopping you from plugging single pedals into the POD also. I have 2 single pedals at the moment running into my POD. If you want massive versatility right now POD X3 will be your best bang for the buck.
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For more bang for your buck, I'd definitely get the Pod. For 500 dollars, if you want good pedals, you might be able to afford a pedalboard and like.. Three pedals. A good pedal setup would take quite a bit more than 500 dollars.
I did really like my pod. I could do stuff like go from an acoustic input with reverb, eq, and delay, to smashing distortion while mimicking a Mesa Boogie dual rectifier, with one click of a foot switch. Try doing that with normal pedals. However, I was using the output of that to go straight into our PA and I used a bass cab and amp as my monitor. It actually sounded good, but last week I got my first tube amp... a Fender hot rod deville. The dynamics and wet sound of the clean channel was absolutely eye opening, I was hearing things for the first time. Plus I've always wondered about the reliability of those foot switches on the pod, then one broke on me. Now I've got this brand new replacement pod and I'm wondering if it's a good time to sell it and start with singles. My biggest problem is that I don't know exactly what I want, and with singles, if you buy one then don't like it as much as you thought, well, there goes $100 or so. With the pod, you just reprogram it to something else. I've never used the pod for foot pedal effects only, mostly just amp modeling, so I don't know what it will sound like. I really don't want to lose my newfound dynamics and wet tone.