The pan in the beginning is cool. I think you should take some of the distortion off the guitar.
I like the different take on that type of music you guys have. It sounds cool and is original. As for the song, everything works good. Guitar and bass could have a tiny bit more volume. Also the song gets a little repetitive after a while, there's no real big change that sticks out.

The vocals could use more dynamics, rather then just straight and a little boring.

Other then that, I thought it was a great song. Good job.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1038865 Crit mine? =D
Pretty cool song. Has sort of a "newer" feel. The only "problem" I can think of is at first, when the voice came in, the volume surprised me. It was a bit loud compared to everything else, but after about 2 seconds I got used to it no problem; no big deal at all. I'm gonna have to agree with Ze_Metal on the comment that there is a bit too much distortion on the guitar. Maybe turn the distortion down like 2 notches, and I think it would sound pretty cool if you added a slight wah on the guitar. Would definitely give it a cool feeling in my opinion. If you guys have a free jam or something I think you should try it. Cool song, something I could hear on a Mix Station for sure.

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1039606

I agree with the others on the distortion. I dunno if I like that phaser effect. I like the keys line.

Vocals are too raw for me. Looking at your influences I'd think you'd feel the same - they could use something. Some compression, subtle reverb, character sound, bit of distortion, depending on your sound that you want. But something other than raw like that. The vocal take is a little hazy, the singer can sing, but there are some kind of "not so sure about this part" areas that could use a retake.

For a dynamic change, first verse could be no guitar, just bass drums and vocals, or at least for the first half of the vocals and then at 45sec ish you could bring back the guitar again.

The drop out of drums after the lead break/solo at the end is cool I like that.

The chorus of the song needs to come out more. The singer kind of muddles it a bit especially the first time. Backing vocals would help a lot here. Tiny bit of multi tracking is also a possibility. Dynamic change would help this as well, it kind of feels that it's already built up before the first chorus comes in.

Overall though, some really good stuff and I'm going to give your other stuff a good listen through now.
Thanks guys. ChrisBG thank you for the vocal suggestions. I agree that they're raw but I wasn't sure what to do to them processing wise and make them sound better. I'm going to go back and edit his vocals some. I'm also going to go back and edit the song in general a bit.
Cool. Try out adding some compression, a little bit of gain, there's a nice plugin called Vintage Warmer which will help you add subtle distortion, life, and character. Add a tiny bit of reverb, and play with the EQ a bit. If you need someone to take a listen at different things give me a buzz I'd be glad to help.
The guitar tone in general doesnt really do it for me =/ the riff is good but i don't think the tone does it justice =/

The vocals volume was surprising and it sounds like your singer will sing into the mic and out of it, or you have a tremelo on or something, it makes it hard to hear and pay attention to him but.

I like the song layout alot, i like the panning at the begining too, and your breakdown segment was nice, i like your singers falcetto lol The synthesizers in there were also a good touch i thought.

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