So, my pedal set-up is pretty simple, EHX Big Muff and Small Clone and one EHX power adaptor. I'm going to buy Proco Rat pedal as soon as I found one so it would be pretty messy to power all these pedals with their own adaptors.
So, how would I be able to power these pedals as simply as possible? Don't know much about this "daisy-chaining", or should I just buy a power supply that can power several pedals?

That T-Rex is pretty expensive, so I would prefer the benton. Is it noisy as hell or something? Other ways to solve this? Thanks!
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What's so hard about daisy chaining?

(Whoo electro harmonix small clones!)
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I prefer something like a fuel tank so I dont have spare hot connectors lying around. Daisy chaining is a fire waiting to happen and its not as clean.

Currently im running a Gator G-Bus and its worked out perfectly...
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I dont know about your other pedals but the small clone requires an unusual connector.
www.effectpowersupplies.com is pretty good for supplies, leads, adaptors etc.
daisy chaining is really pretty simple and considerably cheaper than a power supply unit. I power all my pedals from my Tu2 via a daisy chain with no problems.