[Some people say Tuesday rain is a drug. No. it's not. it's the feeling you get of being depressed. on a rainy day.]

The days have left us again,
People come & go.
Walking all alone with disdain
Turn another page, read another row
Life isn't always how you planned it
Ups & downs Sometimes happen
Although you see life flow
It isn't how you see fit.
Let go & submit
To the power of Tuesday's Rain.
I have a disease where I get depressed on gloomy/rainy days.
Is it a poem or lyrics?
As a poem, I think it's pretty good. Took me a while to find the rhyme scheme, but
the whole thing flows together anyway. That's pretty much how I feel on those days.
As lyrics...I'm thinkin maybe as part of a ballad or somethin. Obviously nothin
conventional. Obviously you could wright more, but I guess that's the point
of the (work in progress.) part. Very nice.
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