I'm interested in buying a Mutli-Effects Pedal and would like to know which has better sounded effects and has more options and settings. I would like to have some good distortion out of it too, but my main distortion and overdrive will come from my keeley pedals so thats not my main priority. The effects are.
i love my gt8 for delay and stuff and for reallyyyyy weird affects, but i dont know if that helps but i wld get the boss over the line 6 but i havent played with a gt-10 but i would always go for the one which you do less screenn stuff and more knobs and manualy turning things. but thats just me.
I don't know about line6 X3 live but it own a gt-10. I think it is a really great pedal with lots of different distortions and easy to modulate them, but I don't really know 'bout it compared to x3live. I think it's more matter of taste.
They're pretty equal so it's down to personal taste.
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I know BOSS is known for building tanks, but the POD X3 Live feels pretty damn solid to me. and a lot of the sound shaping it does sounds really good.

for tone, I haven't tried a GT-10 myself, but i'm sure it's gonna sound like an assortment of great sounding BOSS pedals.

i don't think you'll be displeased either way, but personally i'd go with the X3.
the boss gt 10 is better for effects while the x3 live is better for amp modulation. cos i tried the x3l but if u want amp modulation, your are just better off buying a better amp. id go with the gt 10. distortion on x3l was crap. i tried it.