I recently bought the RP90 Digitech Multi-effects pedal, and am wondering which settings I should use to get the same sounds as many famous guitarists.

Some of the sounds I want are:

The clean guitar sound from "The Day That Never Comes" by Metallica

The settings for "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins

"Lateralus", "Vicarious, and "Schism" by Tool

"Paranoid" by Black Sabbath

"Little Sister" by Queens of the Stone Age

"Six" by All That Remains

"Chiron" by All That Remains

"I Just Got This Symphony Goin'" by Fall of Troy

I mostly chose popular songs, because some of my favorite songs are more obscure and I don't think anyone could find the settings.

im not sure how many people are going to be A) familiar with the pedal and B) familiar with the particular bands, best to just experiment
Beyond experimenting for yourself the best you can do is to check the Digitech site for additional presets.
well you probably aren't going to get the EXACT sound with out EXACT gear. I would just dissect each piece and see what sounds are being used in each part of the songs. Is it clean? If so is it twangy, does it have a eerie sound to it, is it more mellow? Is it dirty? Is this overdrive? How crunchy is it? Is there more fuzz or is it smooth? Is it a straight up fuzz pedal (in the case of today, i can tell you that the dirty part is pretty much all fuzz)? You need to analyze the sounds and try to come up with your own sounds that match the song rather than try and mimic someone else's tone. try and find your sound based on what you like about each artist you listen to.

I know thats not the exact answer you wanted but I hope it guides you in a better direction than just mimicking
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Quote by generalbeaner
If I hadn't already tried that why would I be on this forum?

Good question... why are you on this forum asking this question, when you could be on Digitech's sound community section for the Rp90 looking up posted settings?

...or google?

That being said, if the RP90 is anything like the 80, then you won't get any tone exactly like the artist, or really even that close...
but you can try to get something that you think sounds like it.
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