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Hellyeah, better than harry potter
0 0%
Nah, i'm a guy and i rather touch myself than read that piece of diarrhea
3 100%
I only act interested in it so i can get chicks and/or show off my female side to everyone
0 0%
Voters: 3.
how the hell did this book get so goddamn popular

in june it was normal and in july every teenage girl on the face of the planet is reading this book and acting like it is better than the bible.

now i have a bunch of stupid trendfollowing girls at school walking down the hallway reading twilight, new moon, eclipse, or breaking dawn and discussing how it is the greatest book ever written, hell two chicks got in a fist fight cause one told the other than bella got pregnant. SERIOUSLY THIS IS PISSING ME OFF

my girlfriend threatened to leave me after 4 years because i always call "twilight" a piece of **** and that edward aka the dreamest piece of male ass on the planet is a necrophiliac that only fu cks guys and can never get a tan.

now every human that has a piece of female in them is sporting some gay twilight accersories and showing it off like asians show off their car.

this book has been out since 2005 and now every woman is reading it now, someone please tell me how the fuc k this book got so popular
I know a group of girls that went to go see the movie at midnight the day it came out.
They said it was a waste of money, a waste of time, and a waste of a movie.
The movie silly.

If no movie was made, nobody would have heard of it.
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I saw it a few hours ago.
Some parts are hilarious becuase of how cheesey/blatenley copied from other stories.
i think it got so popular becuase Cedric Diggory is damm fine (Ladies will back me up on that)
apart from that i dont get the hype.
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My girlfriend loved the books, but refused to see the movie.
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I think the main guy is weird looking...

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