I've been doing a paperound for over 3 years now and I just got £80 of xmas tips.
I wake up every morning at 6.30 and do it and its really starting to annoy me, I find it very hard to get up and sometimes miss it and don't wake up. I don't know how I havn't been fired yet!

It was -10 this morning and I was wrapped up so warm but still freezing and have fallen off four times in two days due to ice. I get £15 a week for doing it and have my exams coming up. I'm 15 now and will have to give it up in may anyway because of these exams. I go to bed at 11 and get up at 6.30 but I fall asleep in school cause I'm so tired. My mum says she'll help me out if I quit by giving me jobs to do around the house and doing good in schoolwork to earn money.

The shops in trouble though and in desperate need of deliverers, so I feel kinda bad quitting now.

TL;DR.. I've been doing a paperound for 3 years, It's freezing, It's affecting my school work and being crap. The owners in trouble but I'll have to quit in 4 months anyway. Should I just quit now?

BTW, man up replies and **** like that wont really help tbh.
nobody likes a quitter
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quit man, especially if its affecting your school work.......can you get by on life with a paper round?

i dont think so
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for that you get the tower of lulz, with which you can reach the lulgods
i get 200 or so a week for tossing salads and cooking pizzas....
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15$?!?!?! i get around 45-50

id quit

If you read the post, it's 15 quid, which is about $25-$30 or so.

I'd quit, man. Or go to bed earlier.
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If you go to bed earlier, you won't be so tired.

If it's preventing you from benefiting from school, quit.
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i get 200 or so a week for tossing salads and cooking pizzas....

Working two jobs eh?

15/week sounds like an allowance, not a salary. Get a full-time summer job if you want to make money.
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