So, I'm new to bass, played guitar for 2 years, wanted to learn a new instrument, and I picked bass, I'm sure this bass isn't that great, But if the instrument isn't something I'm going to stick to, then I don't want to spend much money, So.. With that being said, I present to you.. A Rogue Lx200B, I would either get the Black, Or the blue one.
How is this bass? has anyone here had it, How does it sound?


Thanks People.
here is what one of the reviewers said "I bought this bass to lay down rhythm tracks for my song demos in my home studio. Unbelievable value. Playable right out of the box, though I plan to lower the action just a tad. Great tonal flexibility, given the two sets of pickups. Issues: the knobs were sitting too close to the body and scratching the finish. So I just put a little ball of foil in them, and that keeps them far enough off of the body. Also, the volume knob positions didn't correspond to the position of the pickups (the one nearest the neck pup controlled the bridge pup, and vise versa). No biggy...easy to switch. Gorgeous metallic black finish, great black-out hardware. Fingerboard and fretwork finished nicely. Lightweight body doesn't seem to affect tone. Buy this bass. "

looks like if you check some of those problems the reviewer had and fixed them on the one you might be, could be actually a good buy....however..still try the bass out first
For the price, I purchased a Cort Curbow 4 string not too long ago - the thing is a gem. It has a very small body, and it is awkward to sit with, but it has got a sound which would be very hard to beat. The fretboard isn't wood too, it's made of Luthite, a synthetic material - It doesn't wear out
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Another cheap bass is the Ibanez GSR200 its like 199 and very good

Ibanez makes good stuff at the low end. Also, you may want to check out a Dean E09 . You can get the whole pack for $200.
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This bass really isn't that bad for the price. Infact, I really like the looks. But if you do plan on getting serious with bass, you want to get a new one immediately.
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The rogue I bought is the same thing but fretless. It had piss poor electronics and its neck was an ergonomic disaster. These are design flaws, not issues with one lemon bass.
I'd steer clear.

And Celtfelt, A dean starter bass... really? I haven't played that model, but every low-end dean I've ever played/owned has been utter garbage. I'm going to ignorantly insist that that bass must suck.

GSR200 is popular for a reason, every low end ibanez I've played felt really sturdy and didn't sound terrible.

edit* though aesthetically the black rogue is absolutely gorgeous except for the super phalic and ugly headstock. Not that that should matter---wish they spent the extra finish money on better pups...
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Thanks for the advice, I ordered the bass 2 nights ago, In pearl white, it is set to be at my door tomorrow, I'll let you know how it plays.
So guys.. As promised: The bass is great, The only negative thing I can say is the action was LOW out of the box, but nothing a little truss rod adjustment can't fix. So after that, I tuned it up, plugged it up, and it sounds great.
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