the midi sounds are really annoying but theres some good stuff in there, id like to hear a proper recording
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dude, I really liked that. I'm not sure if it's totally playable (I don't play piano but I think 6 note chords with notes that far apart may be difficult?)
but anyways, really good piano piece. catchy too.

and also, the 4th season of lost was pretty epic. I just watched it all. I wasn't much of a fan before.
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I love it, sweet work. ^^
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nice discovery, sir.

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Thanks guys.

I know that some of the chords are probably out of wack - that'll be cos I don't have a piano here at home so I tabbed the whole thing purely on Gpro :S
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Wow. Finally something other than the usual metal/hardcore. I really like it.
I liked it alot. The chord changes with the melody sounded great and i thought the chorus was excellent. The quarter note chord in meas 63 sounded a little off but it may be just me. great job!!
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