Classical or modern, but nothing too hard please, I've only been playing acoustic guitar for 3 months or so, and I don't practice it too much. I can do stairway to heaven and minuet in G, as well as lots of single note songs. Specifically, I'm looking for songs that require me to use both my thumb and fingers at the same time and stuff, I don't know what that's called lol. And chords. Tab or easy-intermediate sight reading please

thanks for any advice given.
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The (Spanish) romance (romanza)
Dust in the wind
Anything by Andy Mckee, although he plays in different tunings and is quite a bit harder.
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Bruce Cockburn is great to study: Foxglove and Sunwheel dance are fun to learn at slower speed (in open c and d respectively).

Smon & Garfunkel have good easy songs: Scarborough Fair and the Boxer

Pink Floyd: Is there anybody out there and Goodbye Blue Skies are easy studies.

good luck!
the bolder thing to do- gregory and the hawk
dust in the wind
and mabye try spiritual groove by antoine dufour