i want to by the mt2 pedal and since but it doesn't come with the ac adapter. I seen the adapter and i got some AC adapters in my house that seem to fit in the pedal, look similar.
The question is if this will work or safe to do?

Well, as far as I understand it, the thing that will mess up your pedal is too high a voltage with the adapter, so any 9v adapter should be fine as long as it actually fits with the pedal.
BE CAREFUL make sure its 9v, i blew out my metal Muff bc i tried a ac adapter that was too big. So for me its no metal for a while. Its worth buying a Ac pedal adapter for like 15$ then risking breaking your pedal
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Quote by pak1351
Match voltage, more ma should be provided by the adapter than the pedal needs.

After that, as long as it fits

Yes, like mine. From 2 to 12. There is this polarity thing...left or right? Or doesn't matter
MAKE SURE IT'S NEGATIVE CENTERPIN. Are you sure it's not DC? Most are.
ok thanks guys. For now i will use the battery, When it runs out i will plug the ac adapter.
Quote by BGSM
MAKE SURE IT'S NEGATIVE CENTERPIN. Are you sure it's not DC? Most are.

Its an AC-DC universal, and in the instructions says its ok. Thanks.

The pedal sounds good.
Check the adapter and your pedal. If the voltage doesn't match, don't use it. I blew my Digitech Bad Monkey this way.

milliAmps (mA) or as mentioned make sure adapter is rated higher then pedal

also, most pedals need a good battery to operate well regardless so waiting for the battery to run out is pointless. Get it figured it out now.
ok ive choose 9V and negative polarity. It worked for the time i was playing. I dont need to change anything now right? (like to 12V etc...)
Whenever you use a non-specific adapter you should always measure the no-load voltage first, I've seen 9V wall-warts that are pumped up to 15V or more without a load. A simple way to look at it is that some are rated for x-mA at x-voltage (VA rating). So if you have an adapter rated for 9V at 300mA, it may be pumping 13 or so into your 100mA load.
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