Sorry for the thread title being all in caps, but Im psyched about my new amp...

As some of you may know, I recently shopped for a new amp... I got a Bogner and loved it but wasn't thrilled about leaving an $1100 amp in my car at college so I took it back and got a Traynor YCV40... After a sh*t load of problems with the Traynor I decided to take it back as well... So I shopped around GC for a while and looked at a couple of amps and was almost set on a Fender Blues Junior with a Metal Muff in front of it, when the guy suggested a stack amp... I wasn't to sure that a stack would be good for my needs at all, but to humor the guy I tried it...

He led me over to the BlackStar HT-5... For only being 5 watts I was a bit skeptical but let me tell you, I was blown away... From the second I plugged in I was able to get a clean tone that was very smooth and creamy, in fact almost better the the Fender... I took it all the way up on the clean channel and never lost the clean sounds from it... It had tones of headroom for only being a 5 watter... I switched over to the "lead" channel and got a rich silky overdrive... I adjusted the EQ and the gain a bit and got a great bluesy tone, very similar to Clapton's blues tone... A little higher on the gain and got great SRV tones... With just a little more adjusting I got a great AC/DC tone... Some more on the gain and it got almost into classic metal tones... It will need an OD pedal to tighten it up a bit more for metal but its so possible to get with this amp... Then an adjustment of the INS (I think its called) knob and it got a good American sound... Not metal but close...

This little thing went from clean to blues to British rock to American rock... All from the same amp!!! I was thinking it was going to be alot like the Epi VJ given its small wattage stature, but with the features like two foot switchable channels, an EQ, gain knob, an effects loop, and the stand by switch, this thing really blew Epi right out of the water. Plus the two 10" speakers give it a really good bottom end on the bass...

Now the guy offered me a deal since I had to go to the store so many times to try and get my Traynor working right (which it never did) and everything else... So I picked mine up for $475 with tax and all... And without further adue, here she is...


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Clips will come tonight... I promise!!!

And oh this thing is sooo much better then tits... I dont have to suck on this to give me a chubby...
sweet. ive never even heard of them.

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Chea_man is the best.
Nah, not all the titles in capitals
Looks nice.
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Nice. Blackstars are crazy awesome amps. I wish I could play one.
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me thinks you shoulda ripped the bogner in yur dorm.
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I dont live in dorms... I live off campus... If I had lived in dorms I would have at least kept it long enough to piss off the entire building first... lol
Welcome to the Blackstar HT-5 Fold!! How good is that ISF knob =)

Since I got mine I've taken a lot the pedals off my board since I don't need them anymore. The amp gives me all the sounds I've been searching for.
I love that ISF knob... It really does wonders for giving you such a wide array of tones... I mean from British to American with the turn of the knob? Whats not to love?! lol.. But yeah, the only pedal I may concider buying for tone shaping, and I dont really even consider it that, is going to be a reverb... Thats my only wish for the amp is that it had some reverb on it... But then it would have been more expensive and bigger, and I like the size of it...
True about the Reverb, but it has an effects loop (that handles pedals well) so you can just stick a reverb there and you're all set =)
I got mine the day after Christmas and I love it also. I might add that you got it for a great price. I paid $500 for mine in a state with no sales tax!
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I wish they made these, and Laneys in the US.

Sure, we've got MESA/Boogie, Peavey, and Splawn, but you guys get the best Budget tube amp, and the best Tube amps for Lead and Blues/Classic Rock at a price under over nine thousand dollars. ._.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
I wish they actualy sold their products in canada, cause they are so nice!
Musiciansfriend ships to Canada on some of their products, bt they are just starting to carry the HT-5 series so I dont know if they will ship it there... Maybe worth a try, or if you're close enough to the border just come down and pick one up...
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Quad core comps are so ****ing good but damn. BTW, its my parents comp
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I've played one of those before. Pretty good amps, just not for my style. I did get a really nice clean sound, and I got like classic rock/metal distortion. I was able to get sounds like AC/DC, Boston, and the most metal I could get was like Iron Maiden style.
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