So I'm refinishing my guitar and I have some designs cut out of paper that I would like to use as a template. The problem is that I don't know how to get them to stick to the guitar without leaving any residue when I pull them up. Basically I need something that I can spray onto the back of the paper, stick it to my guitar, paint over it, and then pull the paper off. Do they make anything like this? I was thinking maybe elmers glue but I'm worried that it would leave stuff all over the guitar. And I think the standard spray adhesive would be too strong and difficult to remove the paper afterward.

Elmers will leave crust, masking tape would probably be best or perhaps contact paper
Most of the guys doing design work on guitars either work with a type of adhesive paper/tape, or they apply tape directly to the guitar and cut out their design - carefully cut it out!!! The adhesive paper some guys use has a peelable backing. They do their design on the front, cut it and then transfer it to whatever they're working on. I would think any website or store that sells auto paints and pinstriping supplies would have it. Don't ask me what it's called.
cover ur guitar with post-it notes

seriously though, im almost positive ive seen some kind of temporary glue like whats on the back of post-it notes at a crafts store. and before u ask y i was at a crafts store when im not an over-the hill woman, they sold ****in rockets!

and if u cant find any, get some painters tape and just use that to attach ur templates

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Depending on the design, you should use Frisket Masking Film. You can get it on Ebay.

It is very thin, and can be cut with a razor or exacto blade, without needing enough pressure to damage the guitar.
Ok thanks I'll look into some of these suggestions. That post it note type sticky stuff is exactly what I'm looking for, hopefully I can find some. The reason I can't just use masking tape is that my design is all curved edges so I want it to look smooth.

In case anyone is wondering, it's basically a hypno-swirl type thing over the whole guitar.

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Ok thanks I'll go see if I can find some of that adhesive paper.

Frisket is better than paper.

If you use paper, find out if it will absorb your paint. You don't want the paint to soak under the edges, now do you?
Sounds like a little double sided tape could do it? it would be a little off the guitar so maybe you would want to stick it on the edges than cut it off to the paper so nothing can get under it.
They have a sort of spray on glue you could use that might work depending on the stencil material.
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i did a hawaiian shirt style on my guitar, and i just copied my design on to clear book covering, and then sprayed over it

if you stick it onto a carpet or something first, then then it gets rid of the sticky crap, but it still sticks

worked for me
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