Ok so for school i had to write a song about Cortez and the Aztecs, I wrote it last night but i wasn't sure if it was any good so any advice or changes would be great. thanks

The aztecs lived in a place now called mexico
There's a little tidbit you probably didn't know
Lived free of the white man for hundreds of years
but that would all change for the end was near

when cortez came sailing across the sea
the aztecs thought a god he must be
For he was white and had a great beard
little did they know he should be greatly feared

When first he arrived he had good intentions
and then he became a great intervention

When first he did land there he created a town
By the name of Villa Rica de Vera Cruz
Once completed they took quite a snooze
and then set off to hear the emperors views

Along the way the fought many battles
making friends and enemies as they continued to travel

Cortez marched on towards the valley of fear
leaving only his friends at his rear
when they arrived it caused such delight
the king himself came to see the sight

They started as friends
Montezuma and Cortez
But this soon ended
when Montezuma was offended

Cortez thought it was smart to take him a prisoner
the Aztecs disagreed and their friendship ended

Now if Cortez had played his cards right
he might have escaped with just a goodnight
but what he got instead was a outrageous fight

Finally when the spainards did leave, their hearts full of lead
For poor old Montezuma was unfitfully dead

Back to their base the spainards did flee
to get more supplies and swim in the sea
Once fully rested and more men with them
they set off for the Aztecs to finally end them

When they got their they found that the Aztecs had picked
a new leader and he ended up being quite strict
a great battle was fought between the two sides
it went on for a month before it was decided

Cortez had won it was finally over
Now back to spain he did sail in a hurry
To hear the news from the king and the jury

He was claimed king of New Spain
He had earned it through pain

Unfortuantly for Cortez he died shortly after
and never was to return to his kingdom thereafter

Cortez was the killer of the aztec nation
he killed them with swords, spears, and starvation
but now he is dead his heart full of dread
because he never did see his country again