I just finished my first ever (completed) song. I've tried many other times, but I've always been stumped after the 1st verse. Well i'm back at it and really wanting to improve. These are the lyrics to it. I actually was writing another song and got stumped, and thought of this topic and i immediately thought of the first few lines. Yes, it's a song about not being able to write a song, ik. It's, like i said, my firsto ne, so it will be a little rough, (or a lot). The title is tentative, i just wanted to throw one out there. and it's also pretty short, i purposely didd that because it's my first one. also, i'm sorry if it sounds like i was tryin to imitate shakespeare in some parts ( i wasn't trying to, we're reading romeo+juliet in english). here it goes...

THE SONG SONG (yes, ik. is kinda stinks. lol)

Verse 1
The words, they just won't flow.
My pen just doesn't know
What to say when it's put down on the page.

My mind has turned numb
as i try to take words from
my heart and make them come alive.

verse 2
exhausted, tired, and wanting
wanting to think of something,
anything to put down on the page.

My mind is still numb
I've tried to take words from
my heart and make them come alive.

now the numb has left
leaving me with but my best
________________________(i couldn't think of a good clincher to end it)

ANY critisizm/comments will be GREATLY appreciated. I'm trying to get better, thanks!
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