Alright, I like the sound of my Blues Jr., but I'd like a bit more refined of a sound, so I'm looking to switch speakers. I was considering a Celestion Vintage 30, as I consider it one of the holy grails of speakers, but if I recall right, the old Fenders used Jensen speakers, so I wanted to make sure the Celestion would agree with a US-voiced low-gain AB amp. Would it, or, if not, do you guys have some recommendations?

(If it'll help with advice, genres played are classic rock and blues, as well as a bit of metal lately for which I intend to get a Metal Muff, and occasionally some modern stuff, but none of the high-gain metalcore modern stuff)

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1 vintage 30 by itself imo, is "blah". I would try to get something that sounds more like a G12H-30, but with more wattage.