I have decided from researching that i'm going to have to give music through a turntable a try because it seems to be better and I'm sure I'd appreciate it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what are some good yet ones? Obviously garage sales and craigs list, I've already looked around on there, and some ebay. but I really wouldn't know what I would need. Any help?
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Project III Debut turntable, it has a built in pre-amp and USB...plus its frikkin sweet when you hook it up to an HTS
If you already have a stereo with aux input, I would recommend this http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Sony-PSLX250H-FullyAutomatic-Turntable?sku=804800. It has a built in preamp so you can just plug it into the stereo power amp and go. I have it and it works well and sounds great.

If you don't have a stereo, I would suggest a stand alone unit. Try Radioshack.
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I have a Crosley turntable from Target, but the sound is pretty nice. It also has a built in CD player, aux input (for your iPod), a radio, and even a cassette deck.

I only wish it had an audio out so I could plug it in to my existing stereo speakers.

But it's excellent for the $100 market.
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