I'm thinking of getting one here soon, i tried it at my music shop, it sounded great and loud to me ( this was in a huge garage) but i was wondering if itll be enough for small gigs
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I played mine over a keyboardist, a vocalist and a drummer(No bassist, they have a Doors-style lineup) when I filled in for a friend once(They mainly play heavy-gain stuff, but I brought it along and A/B'd it for cleans). Sounded fine. Haven't tested it with my own band, but I came in loud and clear over the other guitarist with the volume at 2 when I jammed with him, so I assume it'll work fine. Just expect some breakup with hard picking.

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It should.

If not, you can always mic.
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yea, if you dont mind a good bit of break-up, then it will be fine. otherwise, mic it
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