yea i know everyone hates these treads but i need some help
a friend of mine is looking for a new amp
hes got like 300$ to spend on one
he plays mostly punk, hardcore, metal and ska

me being a bass player knows absolutely nothing about guitar amps and what to look for so couldn't really help em and i don't want him to pay a lot for a piece of ****

he plays an epi sg if it maters

thanks for the help
- Steve
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Tell him to save $60 and get a B-52 AT-112 60w Tube Amp
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Quote by wildwildwes594
Tell him to save $60 and get a B-52 AT-112 60w Tube Amp

^solid amp, it will have plenty of distortion and the cleans are phenominal on the AT series, especially for the price .
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