I finally managed ta get a band together now time to get some songs.

we have 2 guitarists a bassist and a drummer talking to a vocalist atm.

what are some good songs that are quite easy for this amount of people, we dont mind if it only has 1 guitarist + bass

and if u can b botherd please give a link to a good tab

you should go for the old classics, go for red hot chilli peppers covers and metallica covers always good and everyone knows them. go for guns and roses or ACDC stuff if your more experienced .
The possibilities are limitless. Just pick a song you all can agree on and play it.
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yea check liek the top 10 tabs on UG. Anyone of them is good because they are usually relitively easy and very popular
What genres do you and your band mates like/play?
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try some easy stuff first so your band gets used to practicing and playing live and stuff, i recommend Nirvana or punk bands like Green Day
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Just get a list of the songs that are popular, that you like, and that are fairly easy. Then sit down and talk to the band and get their opinion and decided on a couple songs to start working on.

Make you sure you get some great classics too.
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