Just two songs I wrote, they were ment not to have lead guitar in them, but I haven't finished lyrics so I thought I would just play a nice lead over them check em out.

And Sorry about the ****ty recording... my mike really sucks...

You can find them in my profile.
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I really liked the intro to Road... Really nice feel to it.

I think this would be pretty nice with drums. At the moment though, it's a bit empty. It lacks emphasis, if you get what I mean.

The playing at the end sounded a little dodgy as well. But still, nice track : )

Will was too cheery for my liking, you should make it more BROOTAL : P

I think that this song suffered from the same problem as the first song. The lack of drums etc. left the song sounding sparse. Some OK ideas in there though - I liked the middle section the most. Reminded me a bit of Buckley... which can only be a good thing.

D : some of the lead lines after the middle section, getting on towards the end sounded a bit off. If you keep them in the song, I'd suggest looking at them again.

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