If you have an epiphone guitar or amp for sale post it here?

Any guitars are fineas long as they are not starter ones. I am looking for an upgrade to my starter guitar.

No starter amps please
I've got a Schecter Hellraiser w/ Seymour Duncans I'd let go for around $500, and I'll toss in a deluxe hardshell case You're not going to find a better deal!
I have a Mesa Boogie Single Rec with a roadcase for $950 shipped
Ibanez PGM100
Taylor 314-CE
Peters Chimera
Orange PPC212 w/ Celestion V30 and Celestion G12-75
sorry to say you wont find a "good" upgrade from a starter guitar from under $400 id suggest saving up a little bit more, say $600 then take a look around, but this is a great way to start looking around for bargains and see if people can hold it for you also where are the pics? there gone!!!!
If you'll do shipping, I'll eat paypal and insurance costs. And you'll get it for $450! Yes, you just got a price drop.
Check the Australian ads thread.
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Peavey Studio Pro 112 for sale. Anyone want it?