Written over the summer. The song was conceived on the back deck of the second story of my house, which overlooks the city as it slants downward.

I don't know if it's because there aren't many musicians on this forum interested in acoustic music, or what, but I didn't get any responses on my last post. I would really appreciate feedback, and will gladly tell you what I think of any compositions of your own.

Dude, that's mesmerizing. I loved it! I have no complaints about it whatsoever, except the rhythm seemed shaky at parts, and you're eyes flickered around in the video, which did not detract from the music in the least. Nice Job!
i didn't mind it... to me it felt like something that could be played in the background of an old bar or an elevator.
I also felt that the slaps or claps or whatever you want to call them.. they sort of interrupted the flow of the song.
I am definitely digging the first 5-7 seconds and the spot around 38 seconds.

Tell me what you think of my song sinking in my profile if you like
yeah the slaps kinda didnt fit really well, and the rhythm got off a couple times but a pretty good acoustic piece. Kinda lacks some direction but it has a main theme and it sounds good.

And Yes, some people on this forum do like Acoustic stuff,
the song on my profile, "is there a girl out there" also check out "summer" on my profile its that kind of style and i think you may like it, you dont really have to crit it.

and if its not too much to ask, check out the vid in my sig
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Awesome tune. I don't have a problem with the acousticness, I have respect for all types of music. I think this was VERY well written. When you played it, it was like I could picture myself sitting on your balcony, overlooking the city, seriously. It was very relaxing/calming and I find it very hard to write a song like that, where it hits the viewer emotionally. I'm very surprised. I do think the slaps were a bit random. Maybe if you just had a steady slap on 2 and 4 for a few bars and then went back to the normal fingerpicking, that would probably fit better. Very nice job, if it was extended, I could definitely hear this on a smooth jazz station, and I would for sure listen to it. Great job man.

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I liked alot of this, i thought it was very relaxing and well thought out. The only part i didnt really care for was the transition around 12-14 it sounded awkward to me. other than that i thought it was good, extend it some though it was veryy short organize each little lick into a verse/chorus kind of thing and lay it out as an a larger song

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Thanks guys! I really appreciate your feedback, it's definitely going to help the song improve. I'll try to make sure to listen to all of your songs and tell you what I think as well.