I'm working on a piece, general pop/lighter rock style (I wanted to prove that, given motivation, I could write something in the style). To my surprise, it's gone incredibly quickly, and, in my opinion, sounds good considering the project origin. However, a little arguement I've had with myself over music theory for a few years reared it's ugly head, and I can't quite figure out what to do.

When I listen to music, I've always loved to hear new tunes; When a new main theme pops up in a song, I tend to like it. I don't personally enjoy when I can forecast every single note 2 seconds in advance. At the same time, some music where I can do this is incredibly good. I want some opinions. What do ya'll think on the issue of 'predictability' (for lack of better term). Is it more interesting to never know what you'll hear next, or to know exactly what is about to come? I understand moderation is key in everything (Obviously, build-ups in music have a lot of value, especially in repeatable sections). As well, it can be very situational. However, that isn't what I am talking about :P

Overall, what would you say is best in general? What do you personally enjoy? Am I on the right track with the surprisability concept, or am I just coming off as too elitist to just stick to a small set of chord changes or musical concepts per song?