I recieved my esp ltd ec-400vf. i was so excited, but when i opened the box, i saw that the guitar was damaged. there was a 1.5 in paint chip on the back of the body, and a fracture on the neck about 1 in up from where the neck connects to the guitar. I talked to musicians friend and they game a an epi les paul custom for 600 down from 800 in alpine white. did i make a good decision in returning this 1 for the les paul custom?
they only had one left and it was on "clearance" like the one i had just bought. I didnt want to risk having it come damaged again because i needed the guitar box to ship one of my guitars.
Makes sense.

As for the guitar. All that's really important is if you like the guitar. I know a lot of people like to talk crap about Epi's but personally I think they're excellect guitars. Plus you got your's for $200 off the normal price.
This is a prime example of why buying guitars online isn't smart.
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Sounds like a good move, congrats and good discount. I guess it can rarely pay off (pun intended) to get something broken.

i woulda made em pay to get it repaired, professionally set up, and get free ****. sounds like bs, but if u get something broken from them, bitch about it until they break