Hoping someone here is a luthier, and maybe has some small quantities of repair stuff I can buy.

I just picked up a Atlas AD25/SR, PLUS, that suffered an untimely collision with an amplifier. It actually looks like someone whacked the mid-bout area with a baseball bat.

It's got 2-3 inches of damage. A section of the top and side will have to have patches put in.

I have found some sitka pieces for the top, but am having trouble finding some rosewood ply for the side.

All I need is a rectangle, maybe 4" x 6".

Also, I need just a few inches of purfling, binding, kerfing.

All I can find on line is 65" of binding, 15 inches of purfling...I really don't need that much.

Would like to hear from you if you can help, and then we can discuss your pricing, shipping.

I woulsd suggest you check the links in my sig. They are experienced luthiers, so they can probably help you.
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