Yeah I started play about four months ago and im messing around with a c major scale im trying to improvise with some of the patterns and tips you to make my soloing sound better (like how often to bend,pull off hammer on,) you know to make my soloing sound better because i still no paul gilbert so what to do to make sound cool but with out playing extreme stuff (set on a beginner/intermidate) level.if you have any tabs or any thing that would be helpful as well. all help will be apreciated. :]
This might be better in the Musicians Talk forum. However you might want to start looking at ZeGuitarists articles, located on the Front Page of the sight.
Even though this is the wrong forum.

Does anyone else notice the more they play a certain genre the more they're improv tends to lean that way?

*hint hint*
If you want to be better at improvisation, chuck on some music and improv over it.

Focus on making small groups of notes sound good, and then just work on always playing the right notes.

The only way to get better at something is to practice, this goes for improvising too, it dosnt just happen one day.
i know this is going to sound very stupid but... the only way i learned how to improvise was when i got an ear for music and could tell what notes would sound good where.
anyways ill try to help how ever i can,
you need to find songs that have mostly rhythm it does not matter what instrument
it just has to have a steady rhythm.

second you need to get familiar with the fretboard and learn what the notes sounds are.

and third i don't know who you are talking too but whoever told you there is a set number of hammer-on's and pull-off's and what ever else needs a good kick because that is for you decide what you want to do to make the solo sound better.

and the most important tip i can give you off all is, just play and mess around my guitar teacher use to always tell me that i bought the whole guitar so use it, just start playing and go crazy even if it sound horrible you find what sounds right from doing this.