Hey, guys I was just wondering if anyone else watches this show on Much Music, and who they have liked. Basically they take unsigned bands from the GTA, get with Greig Nori ( from Treble Charger) to rework their songs, appearence etc... and get them to perform infront of a panel of judges from major labels.

So far my favourite band has been The Homecoming, they sounded good, and were quite entertaining.

Check it out the episodes on http://www.muchmusic.com/tv/disband/ and just click on the band you want to watch.
ya i made an app for my band, unfortunately they haven't really lived up to the whole it doesn't matter where your from in canada because from all i've seen it's just been bands from toronto. so i was kind of disappointed because i think my band really had potential, but what can ya do. i only watched like the first 7 episodes though so maybe something changed after that but ya, it was a good show none the less i got some lol's
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