Poll: How man hours do you play?
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At least one hour on an average day
232 73%
A few hours a week
64 20%
11 3%
You dont really at all, you just like the pit
9 3%
Voters: 316.
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So i have been wondering, are any of you pit dwellers dedicated guitarists? Or are you on here cuz you got all excited when you first started picking up a guitar and decided to join a forum?

Hours played in a day/week/month will determine this i think... poll coming
hour or two a day. Exceptions sometimes though
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hour or two a day. Exceptions sometimes though
That sounds about right.
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Usually about 2 hours a day. However, now that it's holidays, it has been around 3-4 hours every day.
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I pick up a guitar to write things or figure other songs out. Almost never otherwise. My total time with a guitar in hand's probably about fiteen minutes a day.
I try to pick it up at least like 4 times a week, ranging from 2-4 hours each time. Mostly trying to work on band material.
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everyday for a bit here and there
a serious "sit n shred" every 2 days or so
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As much as I feel like. Maybe an hour or 2 a day 5-6 days a week.
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Usually at least three hours a day.
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From about 6 - 9:30 every week day I have the acoustic on my lap, even if I'm just strumming some chords or whatever whilst I'm doing something else. Weekends over Sat and Sun I probably spend 10 hours playing.

I rarely do anymore... sometimes I'll pick it up when I'm stoned but I just lost interest... I was never really good and wasn't getting anywhere with it... I'm thinking about selling it, my amp, my bass, and my recorder and buying a gun haha... seriously.
Recently, it's been somewhere between 1 and 2 hours a day, but that's because I've been home for the holidays, and I've had time. It's usually a couple hours a week when I'm in school.
Just whenever I feel like it. It's just my mood that decides when I play, how long, and how seriously.
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Just whenever I feel like it. It's just my mood that decides when I play, how long, and how seriously.

Im like that too for the most part. But no matter what, i play for at least an hour a day.
20 hours a week including lessons.
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i probably play for an hour a day on average, but very erratically. three hours some days, none hours other days. and i pretty much stopped playing entirely for a year or so.
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wow. i play maybe 5 hours a day. is that bad? thats alot more than you guys...
At least 2 hours a day but usally 3-4 (It's bass guitar but it still counts!)
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I need to pick it up actually I play whenever I want to play which is usually everyday but sometimes not very much.
between 6-7 hours a day usually
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i try for about 2hours a day but with school and work it's getting harder and harder
1-2 hours every week day usually. now the weekends. at least 3 hours a day. i will have the occasional day every few weeks that i will sit down and play for 4 hours straight. i also have a completely off day every once in a while when i cant play well at all i usually play for 15 minutes then say "this sucks". i do have completely awesome days where i will play really well. i usually play a lot longer on those days.
3 or 4 a day

thats if i dont have baseball
then usually 2 hours
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you guys need to say "**** the world..." then do what clapton did and play guitar until they kick you out of school
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on an average day i get between an hour and two, but usually not in one session (there are lots of things that interrupt me) but i generally try to sit for half an hour working on music.
1-2 hours everyday, maybe 8 hours a week
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