Heres one i dont see come up a lot. Fender London Reverb, an amp that fender made for a short time in the 80s. Couldnt have been to popular if we dont see to many...BTW its Solid State.

But WOW, What an amazing sound from a transistor amp! There is a local monster guitar player who has played for over 30 years on every amp imaginable, and this little beast is what he swears by now for all of his gigs. I thought it was tube for the longest time until i inquired, to my suprise it was Solid State. I couldnt believe how warm it sounded, and when i played it, the dynamics were so tube like.

Also, the features were great, push pull bright switches, GREAT reverb, very warm smooth sounding over drive, and an active footswictchable five band EQ.

Fender really seemed to make a good transistor amp at one time, its to bad they discontinued it shortly after its release.

So how bout you guys, any one ever try one of these?
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I always thought Fender and Music Man had damn good solid states back in the day.

Not to mention Ampeg.

Why the hell can't anyone make a good SS these days!?
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Not to mention Ampeg.

Why the hell can't anyone make a good SS these days!?


All the SS amps i've played that I thought were great were made before the 90s.
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