I am getting ready to start a new project, I have a maple strat shaped body. I need a neck and like the look and feel of a maple fretboard on a maple neck.
Will this be too much maple and make the guitar very bright? If so, would a maple/rosewood neck better?
Most of my other bodies are basswood or adler, this will be my first maple body.
if u feel the guitar will be too bright then use different pickups!
P 90s get great feel off any type of maple body, even tho they prefer semi solid, you could probably work it just as well off a solid
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for a pickup, i'd reccomend the Dimarzio Tone Zone if you feel things are too bright
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Well depending on what you play i'd imagine that could get pretty bright. Otherwise that should have quite the punch and sustain. I'd imagine it'd be fairly hefty though.

I think Kerry King's signature V is all maple, so i wouldnt worry about having an imbalanced tone. With some EQing it should be fine.
dude leave everything all maple. as the guitar ages it will exponentially get a better sound because the woods are all alike and blend easier.
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Lots of shredders in the 80's had guitars made completely from hard maple. It's going to be heavy and will sound brighter than even hard ash, but that's where smart pickup selection and good use of the tone knob come in.
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Thanks guys.
Yes, I am sure the body is maple.
MrFlibble, there is no tone knob. In ture 80s style it is humbucker, volume knob and a Floyd Rose.
This will be played though a Super Lead 100, any pickup suggestions?
put yourself a treble bypass on it, .001mfd ceramic capacitor on the volume pot, so for normal playing, just tap your volume pot to 9, it will cut some treble, then for a searing shredding paul gilbert solo put it up to 10 and rape the ears of thousands.