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it would be, but why just be limited to that style (i've heard they are pretty limiting)

They are to be used for clean tones ONLY. Distortion is horrible on these things. I plugged an distortion pedal into one of these things and it sounded like a dying whale.
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lol dying whale.
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what you linked was actually just the speaker cabinet, but im assuming you mean both.

depending on the budget, something cheaper might be better.
and usually in high school jazz bands you play alot of different things, plus there is no real reason to pay too much. i would just get a vox valvetronix. probably the 30 watt version.
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If you want a good amp for your school's jazz band then have them take a look at my Fender FM212 100 wattr in my sig. Nice and clean and warm and full at the same time. They catch a lot of heat around here but I don't think they are that bad.
Used Roland JC120's are the jazz amp and can be had for fairly cheap.
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