how do you drop c tune a guitar?
do you just go down until you see the notes with a chromatic tuner or do you need to hold frets etc ?
and i changed the gauge of strings and set the intonation in standard tuning.
Once i drop tune my guitar to drop c do i need to reset the intonation ?
if so howw?
what is the process?
what are you on about nood how am i a noob the searchbar and lessons isn't going to show me intonation and any intonation video is for standard tuning
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you joined a few days ago. that means noob. no offence. did you search in the forums "drop c tuning"? if not DO IT

Chill out... although you do have a valid point, you must remember that he is new and that he doesn't have a full understanding of the way things work around here.

Surely you remember what it was like being a n00bzorz around here.
If you're in standard tuning...

3rd fret on your A string is a C note. Tune your E string down so it's an octave lower than that C. And then tune the rest of your strings a full step down.
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Use the ****ing searchbar and stickies and lessons link up top. I'll cut you slack 'cause you're a noob 09'er, whatever.

yeah, cos TS posting this has in some way been detrimental to your existance?!?!?!?!

your a whopper mate !
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lol ur aussie from the "whopper and mate" part lol


nah, not aussie.... scouse ;-)
Cursed to one day crash and burn because we fly so god damn high.