Hey everyone. I've just finished recording an instumental cover of The Mamas And The Papas' song "California Dreamin". The only track missing is that of the drums. I'd just like some feedback on how this recording sounds to ears other than my own. Thanks.
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It sounds pretty good. Are the drums going to be traditional rock drums. I also hear more of a latin almost unplugged percussion accessories (shakers, djembe, etc)
Nice, the two leqad guitars clashed slightly, I think you should find a way to keep them out of each other way, wether it be, panning, EQ, or a different tone. Other than that, good. Flute solo was nice, did you do that. There was one bit, as it satrted to play the first blues scale riff, that was a bit off.

Good job though, should be nice with drums.

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