how do you drop c tune a guitar?
do you just go down until you see the notes with a chromatic tuner or do you need to hold frets etc ?
and i changed the gauge of strings and set the intonation in standard tuning.
Once i drop tune my guitar to drop c do i need to reset the intonation ?
if so howw?
what is the process?
Yeah your gonna need to change your inotation I believe cause it will be different for a much lower tuning. Yeah just use the chromatic tuner to get it low enough. You need to adjust each saddle until the innotation is correct. You are gonna need to loosen your spring tension in order to account for the lower tuning.
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Here's how you set intonation.

A guitar's scale refers to the distance from the nut to the point on the saddle where the high E string actually crosses it. A Strats scale is 25 1/2 inches. Les Pauls and SG's are 24 3/4. PRS's are 25. Most guitars like Ibanez, Jackson, Schechter, etc. use the Strat scale. Use a tape measure to find out what the scale of your guitar is. The reason that you need to know this is because the high E strings intonation is set using this length. Once you get this string set, the rest is easy. To adjust the B string, you'll move it's saddle back from the high E the thickness of the B string. The G goes back the thickness of the G string. The D string should be even with the B string. The A goes back the thickness of the A string. And the low E goes back the thickness of the low E. (I hope this doesn't sound confusing).
To check each strings intonation, fret each string at the 12th fret, and make sure that the fretted note is in tune with the open string.

If you're going to tune to drop C, you'll probably want to use 11's. Otherwise, your string tension might be too loose.

Hope this helps.
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