im trying to write my first bass solo for a song im writing
the chord are basically C#m - Em - B - A
the pattern for the solo is just basically those chords, but im having trouble getting it started, can someone help me out. that would be deeply appreciated
Listen around to some bass solo's in songs. Many bass solo's start of slower, and end at a faster note (Orion - Metallica). Try to sit around the pentatonic scales of each root note, shifting to chromatic scales, or even adding some other variations in there as well (You could try go to Dorian scales or even Blues scales to add a bit of a spin of things).

Just improvise over it, see what sounds good, do that again, what sounds bad, don't do it
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I just wrote some notes try it out.
just listen to the music, hum something you think would be cool in your head and then try to recreate it. idk how else to help, id roll a joint for you, but then id probably just smoke it.
well good to know i can count on reelbigfish2020 to roll a joint for me
alright, ill just try and improvise something in my head ad try to work that out, thanks for the help
This could work.


Unless you know basic theory in which case, 3 of c# is e so don't use e until you want the chord change (or at least have a note in between the e in c# and the one in the chord change), use 1 (c#) or 5 (g#) until then. Other notes could work, 4 could work stepping down from 5 to 3, and 6 could work as a major 3rd leap down to 3 or as a perfect fifth up. e to B is essentially the same with the shared note being the 5 of e, which is B. B to A from a played B can be simple half steps down to A, or up to C#, or even down from an F in the B chord to the E. For the A, A C# and E work, but resolve it to the note you want in the C# (probably C# itself).

There are many more options than this though. Those were just theory related tips, if it goes over your head don't worry. Always play what sounds right to you, and remember to give it a different rhythm than the rest of the song.
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i think i've got a good thing worked out using blues scales, thanks for the advice