So I am in a ska/punk band where I play clean offbeat and very heavy distortion.

I'm currently using a Fender SS amp and the cleans are great, but the distortion is just as crappy as you can imagine.

I'm looking for a tube amp that can do both very good cleans and also have very raw sounding distortion. I noticed that Streetlight Manifesto uses a Mesa (I'm not sure what model).

Is there a Mesa that would be suited for this? Any amp recommendations?

I'd prefer a combo amp (for ease of transport) but could alsp go with a head/cab setup.

Either a MK III, MK IV, or a Lonestar would be my route if I went Mesa.

I suggest head +2x12 cab. Easier to transport than a 2x12 combo.
I've heard good things about B-52 amps as well. fender-like cleans with amazing dist. as well. idk mesa's though.
If you want a Mesa for that kind of music, go with the lonestar.
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Would the lonestar have enough gain?

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Depends on what kind of cash your willing to spend!
But either a mark series head/combo, series 2 road king or a roadster.

The road king has the lone star clean circuit. If you want to drop that kind of cash. And plenty of gain on tap!

To be honest though my dual recto has great usable Cleans with the presence dimed.
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