i know what it means and what "inde" stands , but sometimes its hard to explain it to some ppl


cant really define indie because there are so many diverse indie bands
I think the popular consensus Is it sounds like "the killers" but thats kinda dumb cause theres all kinds of indie bands
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I define indie the same way I define any other genre... mostly bad with a few diamonds in the rough.
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I agree, I thought there Older stuff Was kinda Cool but not latly, But Arent they not really an indie band because thier so mainstream?
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if you wanna define it by a mainstream sound it'd be arctic monkeys / vampire weekend.
but thats sooooooo not what indie is about
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but arent The Killers on a Major Label

this here is confusion / result of bastardization of the word indie.
it is supposed to mean independently represented, or on an indie label, but it has come to mean both that, as well as a sound, and a movement.
i see it as this generation's punk, i see it as a sort of attitude towards your music, and a mentality.
if you define it by a sound itd be sort of like vampire weekend type tripe, but again, thats not at all how i see indie.
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I agree But I dont really know which one of those things define it best So Im still kinda void on the issue Cause thier are alot of Indie Hardcore acts and even country and all kind of differant stuff
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