well, we all want out solos and phrasing to sound more interesting, and not just be your regular "look at me i learned the pentatonic scale amidoinitrite" type player. what ive been experimenting with lately is going through a pentatonic box shape on the 3rd and 4th strings, then when i get to the upper strings go into a Dorian or Aeolian based lead line. and just today i learned the harmonic minor, and i think for minor chord progressions, that raised 7th note produces a really sick sound. anybody else think so?

also, any other advice on phrasing using this scale?
yeah it is really cool!

Playing it, listen to early/mid period santana, he uses it a fiar bit, also his song Smooth with Rob Thomas used it a lot. Of course, also Gypsy and Gypsy Jazz like Django Rienhardt is good too.
its the type of scale that i dont want to become a ***** with (i think yngwie uses that raised 7th a lot). just another trick to use to really make a solo sound like its taking a left turn
Bear in mind that the minor pentatonic and natural minor are pretty much interchangeable in that one is a variation of the other, therefore switching between them is nothing particuarly out of the ordinary. Likewise harmonic minor is just a variation on the minor scale that was introduced because it sounded better when ascending back to the root.

Try not to think in terms of modes though as they don't really apply and you may well be overcomplicating things for yourself. Try to keep it simple and just view things in terms of the accidental intervals you're using relative to the scale - which you seem to be doing.
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lol I wouldn't even consider switching between the minor pentatonic and minor scale a "switch." You're still playing natural minor... You're just not playing all the notes
Like I said in the other thread identical to this one...

Listen to some Anthrax, alot of the solos are in harmonic minor.
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