I'm in the market for a new multi-effects pedal. I'm currently using a Boss GT-6, which was okay when I was playing live, but now that I'm recording I think it may be time for a switch.

I bought the Boss because I knew it was durable, but now I'm looking for sound quality. I'm playing through a Line 6 combo amp, and really dig the tones. I'm debating whether to go with Line 6, Digitech, or the new Boss GT-10.

Any experience with these, or any others I should know about? Price isn't much of a problem.
It' s all a matter of taste between the Pod X3 Live and the GT-10 , they both have the same majority of functions but the GT-10 is more durable and in my opinion overall better.

Just search for them on youtube and watch some reviews , people use them.

Tough if you are using a Line 6 combo amp (d you'd be better off keeping the Boss GT-6 and changeing your amp.
I got a Boss GT-10 for christmas, and I absolutely love it! The tone you get out of that thing is oustanding. Really easy to use, tons of effects and sounds to play with, and as allways, it's built like a tank. You will not get dissapointed if you get one of these, I can tell you that. And it's great for recording. Used it last week at a friends house, and the result was marvelous
Do you need amp modeling in the processor? If not, take a good look at the Nova System from TC Electronic. The feature list is shorter than you'll find on most of the other processors, but the sound quality more than makes up for it.
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