Basically i'm looking at either finding a Jazz Chorus head or ripping apart a combo and making it a head. Why? Because the JC's sound awesome clean and my Bugera 333xl sounds awesome dirty.

What i was wondering is there any products like the headbone that allows you to use both SS and Tube amps with stereo connections instead of just single inputs. My cab is 16ohms mono and 8 stereo and the JC is apparently 8ohm so i don't have much of a choice.
Get a JC and use an AB switch to switch between using the bugera and the JC.
Dragging 2 amps around, one being a 4X12 with a head AND a 2X12 is not a desirable thing to do. Maybe if the sound was that important and i was doing national tours. But i'm not. I'll probably buy a JC anyway for recording but i was just wondering if there was any way to do it.