A few months ago, I decided to upgrade my starter kit guitar (and later amp) and I bought a new one. Out of ignorance, I bought one with a floating trem, not realising that I couldn't easily achieve alternate tunings...

Anyway, the new guitar sounds awesome, but the floating trem annoys me. My question is, would it be worth doing up my old Magnum starter guitar (don't know exactly what type it is) with new pick-ups, strings and maybe tuning pegs?

Have absolutely no idea what kind of wood it is or any other specs, but would it be worth it? Would it give a good enough sound?
Also, is changing the pick-ups of a guitar (single coil and humbucker) difficult for someone with no previouse experience?

Thanks guys
changing the pickups is not hard. you need to look up wiring diagrams and see if you can make sense of where everything needs to go. if you understand the diagram and know where to solder the wires its pretty easy.

i can't tell you if it'd be worth it or not because i have no idea what a magnum starter guitar is.

good thing is... pickups can be taken back out and put in a new guitar if you decide to get one later on. strings should be replaced regularly anyway and tuning pegs is a fairly minor cost so it might be worth it.
well first of all u must make sure tht u may be spending more on upgrading it then buying a whole other guitar.
and by the time you get everything re-wired and such, it wouldn't be much different from ur first product..so my answer is no, it is not worth it.
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Alright, was wondering about the cost issue, but I suppose saving for something better in a few years might be a more viable option
Thanks for the input guys
Mod the new one.

Install a tremel-no into your floating bridge so that you can use alternate tunings without totally blocking the trem.